Terms of Sale

January 1, 2004

  1. States Where We Conduct Business Most of the products and services included in the Web Site are not intended for sale and promotion to residents of all fifty states and the District of Columbia.  Listing of such products and services in the Web Site are neither an offer to sell insurance nor an advertisement of insurance in any location other than those specifically identified in the geographical limitations set forth in regard to each product and service.

  2. Product DescriptionsSeveral of our pages describe various insurance products.  The product descriptions are general in nature and the only insurance coverage available is that set forth in the specific terms of the actual policies that may be issued.  Any product description in the Web Site shall not alter or broaden the coverage set forth in the actual insurance policy.

  3. Compensation for Services Rendered by Bollinger. The coverage being offered by Bollinger, Inc. is being placed with insurers that may have agreements in place that allow Bollinger to derive compensation contingent upon such factors as the size, growth, or overall profitability of total business placed by Bollinger with these insurers. Such contingent compensation is considered an industry standard and would be in addition to commission or any other compensation received by Bollinger.